80+ Sci-Fi Panel Decals / Decal Machine ready

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Pack contains two versions of the decals, one for Decal Machine

What:s inside:

- 80+ sci fi decal panels, split into 3 folders, rectangular, square and narrow panels

- easily tileable (see below video for details)

- baked from real geometry at max settings with Decal Machine

- parallax / height adjustable

- all, except for 1 decal, are subset decals, meaning you can change up to 2 BSDF based materials (see below video for details)

See below video for more details and high res preview of each decal and patterns that you can create by adding different colours and materials. All decals in the video are rendered in eevee.

How to install: download and unzip, copy paste all 3 folders into Decal Machine addon folder, which is located on your system drive under assets -> Decals (Blender addon folder is located on your system drive, under users/yourPCname/AppData/Roaming/Blender Foundation/ Blender/Blenderversion/ Decal Machine/assets/Decals).

Link to my video on practical use of Decal Machine


To learn how to use Decal Machine to its full potential visit Machin3 Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4yaFzFDILd2yAqOWRuLOvA

NOTE / update 2020/01/31: Bonus panel 024 is a narrow panel replacement for 001 from the main pack. There is a shading issue there when highly reflective materials are used (limitations of 8bit file). I decided to leave 001 in the pack for two reasons: 1. the issue isn't that bad and not noticeable or hardly from a distance, and 2. the new decal was designed fromm scratch, and has a slightly different design, and to be honest I prefer it.

How to use Decal Machine

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81 high res Decal Machine ready decals for Blender


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80+ Sci-Fi Panel Decals / Decal Machine ready

14 ratings
I want this!